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Willie Run '08

Willie Run '08

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The Willie Run 

Back in 2008, many Americans were still Climate Change deniers. Many more were burning foreign oil in their gas-guzzling SUVs. But Willie Nelson (and our Atlanta advertising/PR agency) came up with an idea to help change perceptions. 

The premise was simple: promote the alternative fuel called "BioWillie biodiesel" via a two-day, non-stop demonstration from Manhattan to Santa Monica, following the route of the original Cannonball Run.

We did not beat the speed record. But we came close. And we burned zero petroleum in almost 3000 miles. This was also the first time anyone attempted a coast-to-coast live streaming event. Literally. One of our sponsors was Stadium Pal: Portable Urine Receptacles.


Brian Pierce

Account Director/Wrangler:

Sabrina Clark

Art Directors/Back-up Drivers/Security:
Matt Blackburn

Patrick Campbell

Spiritual Gurus/Musical Accompaniment: 
Willie Nelson

Rev. Jim Spruell


Amy Burton Storey 

Race Livery:

Stephen Mitchell

That Bitchin' Poster:

Jonas Amoss


Fitzgerald+Co (Fitzco)

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