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About Me:

My professional life has been a mix of artistic, commercial, and blue-collar work. Elsewhere on the site I have presented writing samples representing all of the above. If you didn't notice, cars and cows are the most common denominators. Perhaps not coincidentally, I was born in Arkansas (where my Grandpa raised cattle) and I grew up in Kansas (where my other Grandpa sold and fixed cars). Outside of writing I've been a ranch hand, a mechanic, a short order cook, a factory worker, a landscaper, a mover, and a dozen other things for hire. 

My fiction appears (or will soon appear) in the Broad River Review, the Dead Mule School for Southern Literature, the Esthetic Apostle, and Silver Needle Press. I was a finalist for the 2019 Rash Award in Fiction, and honorably mentioned by the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Awards. My poetry has been published by Underwood Press and recognized by Writer’s DigestMy non-fiction was deemed worthy of publication by (now defunct) Western Cowman magazine.

In my advertising life, I have been both student and teacher, intern and creative director, asset and liability. I've produced work for major brands including: Coca-Cola, Goodyear, Whole Foods, Dell, Lee Jeans, Negra Modelo, Harrah’s Casino, Marshalls/TJMaxx/Homegoods, LongHorn Steakhouse, UPS, The Georgia Lottery, Georgia Power, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Piedmont Hospital and many, many more. Once, I wrote a speech for Al Gore. True story, Willie Nelson had and used my personal phone number. Also, one time, when a commercial director quit mid-morning of a TV shoot in Brooklyn, I took over and (with no objection from the crew) finished the day. Sooooo, I guess you could say I'm also a director; but you'd be the first.   

Work experience:


Charlotte, North Carolina

​(2016 - present)

Part-time copywriter-for-hire. Full-time writer-in-training. 

Associate Creative Director


Austin, Texas

(​2011 - 2015)

Got my ticket punched at The Big Rodeo. Yippee-kay-yay. 


- Very okay English

- Very broken Spanish

- Very, very broken Esperanto

- Pretty good reading lips


Artistic Skills:

Based on publishing history so far, I'm skilled in the creation of Western/Southern American gothic stories, poems and features. One story was compared to Cormac McCarthy by two separate people, after only the mildest suggestion by yours truly.

Commercial Skills:

- Award-winning scripts 

- Memorable, engaging copy

- Long-form content

- Brand stories

- Big ideas/Brainstorming 

- Presentations

2010 - present

Senior Copywriter

Sicola Martin

Austin, Texas


My introduction to B2B tech writing was not pleasurable. But my co-workers were wonderful. Donuts and breakfast tacos were also of the highest order.


Fitzco/Austin Kelley Advertising

Atlanta, Georgia

​(2003 - 2010)

At Fitzgerald+Co (Fitzco) I learned most of what I know about advertising and approximately 37% of what I know about life.  

2010 - present


Creative Circus

Atlanta, Georgia

(2005-2007... I think)

Taught other twenty-somethings how to write radio spots for the 21st century... from a barstool. 




"I'm an autodidact. That word is one of the things that I self-taught myself."

-Greta Gerwig

Portfolio Center

Atlanta, Georgia


Graduated from Copywriter Program

University of Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas


Approx. 15 credit hours completed. 

Kicked out of English 102.

Orange belt: Tae-Kwon-Do.

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